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Learn the Eternal Laws of Wealth
Creation in Two Days
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Creation is a Mindset,
Not a Luck
आप जो सोच अपनाते हैं
वही आप बन जाते हैं।
आईए हँसते-खेलते धन कमाएँ।
गरीब बने रहने के निशचित नियम है तो
अमीर बने रहने के भी
निशचित नियम है ।
Dr. Sharma has raised himself from extreme poverty to the heights of name, fame, success & prosperity. He is a world renowned authority on health & psychic sciences, who has trained millions of students worldwide during his 40 years
of vast experience in the Mystic Field.
  1. The definite Universal Law of Wealth Creation: Wealth creation is a pure science; it is not dependent on luck or somebody's mercy. Learn the definite laws of prosperity that every rich and successful person uses.
  2. Prosperity attunement to unblock all you hurdle: It is a first of its kind workshop in the world, wherein all the blockages and obstructions hidden in the subtle energy field of the body (AURA) are cleared by a very powerful technique of Prosperity Attunement.
  3. Your Subconscious Cure Negative Belief: We are what we believe we are; We are nothing but a byproduct of our belief systems. Our subconscious has been negatively programmed by our parents, teachers, peers, society, etc. If you break all your barriers, the ocean of richness opens and pours upon you.
  4. Past Karmic Connections: Today, everything that we are, whatever we are, wherever we are, it is all a perfect manifestation of our past karma. We bring to light the exact root cause in your past lives and correct it to open new avenues.
  5. Reprogramming Your Subconsicous Mind: Until and unless all hidden negative beliefs, concepts, attitudes are transformed into positive beliefs, one can become neither rich nor successful. Our expert hypnotherapist will bring to light and reverse all the negative beliefs concealed in the subconscious.
  6. The Power of Intuition (Only way to progress): The conscious mind has very limited intelligence, whereas intuition is an infinite source of intelligence and wisdom. All successful and rich people have used the power of intuition and gifted new creative ideas and innovations to the world. Learn to use this inherent faculty of intuition by various techniques.
  7. Psycho Analysis for Perfect Career: Psycho-Analysis is the finest way to realize our ignorance, weaknesses, baseless blind beliefs, parental and societal influences. Psycho-Analysis helps you to take corrective measures and choose the perfect road towards prosperity and success.
  8. Law of Attraction (Destiny & Future Formation): The universe is an ocean of boundless wealth. Learn the Law of Attraction to attract wealth, abundance, prosperity and the destiny of your choosing from this limitless source.
  9. Rediasthesia - The Science of Knowing The Unknown: The science of Radiasthesia helps to gauge, measure and harness the subtle energies of the universe. It helps us to choose, search and select the perfectly suitable profession, partner, business and career. Radiasthesia is a source of unlimited hidden intuitional guidance.
  10. The Source of Untiring Energy: Our body, mind and emotions are immediately affected by the positive or negative energies around us. With us, you'll learn how to transform a negative environment into a positive one. A positive environment can help us to enhance our creativity, clarity, productivity and spring a joyful nature, ensuing extraordinary results.
Many More Exciting Subjects Vision Board Technique, The Science of Affirmation, Various Meditation, Sound Energy, Concentration Techniques, The Power of Nutrition SC Untiring Energy, Spiritual Foundation, Investment Skills, etc.