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Reiki Healing Foundation Trust - New Delhi, founded in 2009 by Dr. N. K. Sharma and Dr. Savita Sharma “A Veteran Naturopath” with a mission to educate people with their inherit inborn qualities so that they can liberate themselves from the web of incurable diseases. RHF is the World’s largest non-profitable institution/organization in the field of Reiki Healing, Natural Energy Healing, Mystic & Holistic Sciences.

Reiki Healing Foundation-Trust every month conduct Free Mass Reiki Workshop in Delhi for approx. 300-500 people by the name of “The Awakening” so that people on initial level can cure themselves with Reiki Healing and Natural diet without medication and can give benefit to their friends and family. On its mission RHF Trust conducted a training for 5000 people on 08th May, 2016 at Thyagraj Stadium Mrs. (Actor & MP) Hema Malini was the chief guest of the event who is herself a Reiki Channel and this event was free for everyone and was been recorded in India book of Records.

We expect your kind consideration to support this joint effort and which is urgent need of the current age, for the benefit of mankind. You may get an idea about this global mission in the following points:

1. We intend to make people aware of what all good is happening in this world with whatever possible efforts from individual/s and organization/s like yours and ours.

2. We also wish to generate more of faith and compassion among people to do better in various walks of life.

3. We wish to bring forth and spread the enormous traditional wisdom & mystical powers on comprehensive scale for benefit of society and public at large.

4. We wish to raise a collective voice in favour of holistic living, environment, human rights, universal brotherhood, veganism, natural diet, education for all, animal rights and what all is good for mankind.

5. We can really feel the concern of fellow individual/s and organization/s working for some good cause/s and will surely embrace their dreams, ideas and plans in this mission to make it mutually satisfying.

6. It’s a platform for anybody or everybody to club together and work for common good.

7. It’s an opportunity to establish direct contact with approximate strength of 500 people every month at our “The Awakening” Free Mass Reiki Workshop (with health conscious and progressive approach).

8. Well-wishers like you can be a co-host, sponsor or one of the supporters for monthly free workshop to serve the noble cause.

9. Coming together on this grand good platform will certainly add glitters to public opinion and image of your brand/s and organization.

10. Just introspect and you will surely find countless other reasons and incentives to be a part of this mission, and if needed, we would eagerly help you to find many more. We believe that you would surely join us to spread better awareness regarding this mission among masses for the benefit of the mankind.

We also welcome volunteer donations by individual(s) and organization(s) to support our mission for betterment of mankind. Please note that all the donations will get the tax benefit under 80-G. We strongly believe, together we can and together we will make it GRAND!
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Note: In case if you wish to organize free workshop and have got a group than RHF trust’s team can come to conduct Free Mass Reiki Workshop. For details contact us on info@rhfglobal.net We also provide free monthly subscription of our magazine on email. If you are interested please send us your email and subscribe with us.