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Hey! remember when you were a kid, you were really into comic books? If you are like me, you had favorites (Superman and Spider Man) but there is one thing that really binds us all together, no matter who your favorite hero was. We all always fantasized about having a superpower! Don't try to deny it. We all did it! Imagine having a power or skill that enabled you to do things that nobody else could do YES THAT'S RIGHT!
  • Do you want to become the coolest person in your friend circle?
  • Do you want to learn a skill which nobody else can do?
  • Do you want to become famous in your city?
  • Do you want to become the center of attraction in any party or wherever you go?
  • Would you like to become a person to whom everybody wants to come closer because you have some SUPERHUMAN kind of power?
Now RHF is Introducing a brand new
"Instant and Street Hypnotism" workshop.

We always had a desire to hypnotise people and make them do the things which we want them to do. NOW this desire can come true!

Imagine if you can hypnotise anyone anywhere within 1 second. Yes this "Instant and Street Hypnotism" workshop will teach you step by step method how to hypnotise people whether it is your client, or someone you have known for a long time or a complete stranger at a party or in the street, shopping malls anywhere and make them do funny things like making them forget their own name or mobile number making them believe they are a chicken, creating hallucination making them get stuck to the floor etc...

  1. Pre talk- this psychological pre talk will enables you to break all the resistant in your subject so you can easily hypnotise them.
  2. Suggestibility test:
    Arm raising and falling of The Hand clasp Finger magnet Sway test Hand Magnetism
  3. Many Induction techniques: which will help you to hypnotise people in a fraction of second: • Hand Drop Induction • Handshake Interrupt Induction • Neck Induction • The Fnger Snap Induction • Shoulder Induction • The Arm Pull Induction
  4. The Distraction Filter - A foolproof method to get permission to touch your subject. Whether you're on the street, stage, or even in your therapy office, you can never completely control the environment. Learn how to help your subjects tune out all distractions and stay deeply hypnotized, even in the loudest, busiest settings or noisy place like road!
  5. Deepening techniques, powerful adjuncts which will send your subjects even deeper into hypnosis, such as: • The head roll deepener • The touch deepener • The 10 down to 1 deepener • Magic touch
All the secret behind street and instant hypnosis This"lnstant Instant & Street hypnotism" workshop is not only valuable for street hypnotism but also helpful for hypno¬therapist, NIP practitioner, Healers and for them who are in entertainment field.

Mayank Rathi, pocket genius in the world of Hypnotism. One of the youngest guys on the block to have performed COMEDY HYPNOSIS on national level. He's professionally a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has trained more than 2,000 people with this brilliant sub-conscious reprograming methodology. He can take over your mind like anything, he never forgets but can make you do so easily, Let the secrets Unfold . . .

Since he was 15, he started learning about the power of mind and human Subconscious Potential. As a hypnotherapist he is one of the youngest Clinical Hypnotherapist in the world, started practicing and training people in Hypnotherapy at the age of 17 years. Now he is a established Practitioner, Trainer & Subconscious Coach in India. His creative intent never kept him quite and his constant striving towards becoming a accomplished force in the field of Hypnosis makes him stand apart from his counterparts. He does not believe in just giving motivation to the people as its just a conditioning rather he works to re-anchor the blocking paradigms at the subconscious level.

Mr.Mayank Rathi is an ardent traveler and loves learning and experiencing new places and people. He is into lots of trainings for Private as well as Corporate Clientele in various cities across India.