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Who have pledged to free the world of its age old blind faith, fears and ignorance, who will make you realize the incredible and amazing supernatural powers hidden within and make you understand those invisible but irrefutable laws of Nature, which can shape your destiny, future and circumstances as per your own wish.

They will liberate you from all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual diseases, and make you free from the shackles of medicines and the past life karmas. They will unfetter you from the fears of planets, Black Magic and the unseen future, the apprehensions about heaven and hell, death and God, diseases and germs. They will take you on a journey towards absolute health, complete prosperity, ultimate bliss and total awareness. They will release you from the bondage of gurus and mentors and make you able enough to become your own guru. It is said that the God doesn't come on the Earth, therefore, he incarnates Himself in the form of such divine souls, who selflessly, dedicate their lives for the upliftment of mankind.

Gurudev Dr N. K. Sharma and Gurumaa Dr. Savita Sharma are two such divine souls, who have accomplished their duty with absolute devotion and have dedicated their entire lives for the welfare of humanity.

Dr. Sharma couple, ever since they came together 35 years ago, have been working towards their Health Mission. From the very beginning, they believe in the concept that before people suffer from diseases and are forced go to the hospital, it is our duty to liberate them from ignorance and make them aware about the laws of Nature so that they can prevent themselves from serious and chronic diseases in the future.

Dr. Sharma believes that a disease is a shadow of incorrect lifestyle, which arises out of sheer ignorance. The body is neither fond of becoming diseased nor it is designed to fall sick. Keeping this belief in mind, Dr. Sharma couple have travelled not only in India but across the globe and have organized training camps thereby carrying on with their Health Mission coupled with public awareness.

Dr. Sharma couple have also successfully treated & cured cancer and many other incurable and serious diseases through Naturopathy.

Dr. Sharma is the first Naturopath, not only in India but also in the world, to have worked on more than 14,000 cancer patients. Innumerable interviews and articles highlighting his achievements have till date been published in newspapers and Media. Several awards and honors have also been conferred upon Dr. Sharma couple by various organizations and institutions all over the world. Numerous well-known dignitaries, Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, industrialists and film stars have taken the benefit of Dr. Sharma's knowledge and guidance.

Dr. Sharma couple have accomplished several revolutionary achievements -

  • They are the first Naturopaths in the world, who by writing a book titled "Milk – A Silent Killer" have created a storm amongst the Nutritionist across the world. The book has also been translated in eight different international languages.
  • They have extensively researched on Cereals, Legumes & Spices and have proved that these do not constitute original human diet. We may continue to survive by eating them but we cannot remain perfectly healthy. Dr Sharma have amply emphasized upon the fact that either we should get rid of these food items or reduce their consumption to bare minimum. To prevent themselves from diseases and slow degeneration.
  • Dr. Sharma couple are the first to initiate the mission on natural and raw food in India. Today millions of people follow them and have adopted fruits and raw food as their regular diet.
  • During a span of 20 years off their practice in hospital, they have kept their kitchen fire–free and have got unprecedented and unbelievable success by conducting research and amazing experiments in the field of natural and raw food. They have managed to cure innumerable so called chronic & incurable diseases.
  • Dr. Sharma couple is the first in India to have managed to keep themselves completely disease–free for the last 40 years and have also succeeded in bringing up both their children on a diet completely devoid of animal milk and vaccination etc. and they have a record to prove that their children have never suffered from any disease. This is a unique family in India that is completely free of disease, medicines and doctors.
  • They have, not only in India but across the world, spread the knowledge of various subtle supernatural powers like 'Reiki & Mind Power' by giving them a scientific basis and have promoted them through various media. Even today, they are fully devoted towards the propagation of this science. They are also the founders of Reiki Healing Foundation, the world's biggest institution in the field of Reiki.
  • Dr. Sharma couple are extremely simple and modest personalities and while living amidst family and society, they have proclaimed that in order to develop awareness, it is not necessary to run away from your family or to change your clothes. It is also possible to acquire this awareness in pant, shirt, jeans, suit and saree.

  • Dr. Sharma claims that there is no God beyond this life. Life itself is the true expression of the God. Therefore we must all love our life and live it zestfully.

Dr. N.K. Sharma also writes –
Saints may say life is worthless,
But, worthy it is to live the life.
Almighty is not crazy, my friends,
That he builds then calls it futile.

Dr. Sharma says that never run after a guru and never become a follower. He says that each guru has realized his wings and explored his own sky. Similarly you have to also become aware of your wings and discover your own sky.

Dr. N.K. Sharma also says –
Do not depend on an allusion,
realize your own guru,
The wings of others are useless,
go, explore your own!

Dr. Sharma wants to teach to every person the art of meditation which can be practised and developed in everyday life because the world is your mirror. If you can live in this world in a response-free state and practice equanimity, then you can become a true Yogi or Sanyasi.

Dr. Sharma is also a musician, singer, poet and a writer.
Some of his unique and remarkable books are –
  • Avchetan Man ki Chamatkari Shaktiyaan
  • Prakratik Aahaar ke Chamtkaar
  • Swadisth Prakratik Vyanjan
  • Sahi Khaen-Rog Bhagaen
  • Milk – A Silent Killer
  • Anaaj Rogatmak hai
  • Dhyaan Beech Bazaar
  • Adhyatmik Paakhand
  • Ishawar ke Naam Par Dhaandliyaan
  • Brahmaand ke Niyam (The law of universe)
  • Poorvajanm – Aatmgyaan ka Saral Marg, etc.

In India in the field of Reiki, Dr. Sharma couple have not only developed novel techniques of treatment and medication, but they also started India's first Reiki magazine, "Wonders of Reiki". They also started for the first time in the world, Reiki Music and International Reiki Awards. They have taken the science of Reiki and its great potential to astounding heights and for this their contribution to humanity will be remembered for ever in the world of Reiki.

Dr. Sharma couple 200 percent live, what they preach. They are today the temples of ultimate health, prosperity and joy. For most of the time, they live on fruits and consume bare minimum cereals & cooked food. While living amidst this world, they live their life like flower of Lotus.

Dr Sharma believes – I am your karuna (compassionate) friend, not a guru and that I wish to give you eyes and not a new guru.

Dr. N.K. Sharma says –
I have taken millions of births,
what if I another life I find?
I am born, the day I become
aware, what if I live as blind?

Despite being so talented, they remain away from false show off. They are extremely simple and modest. They have appreciated life in its true sense and have shown the right path to the world. They are like the ocean which cannot be filled in a vessel.

Come, let us together, with these awakened souls, realise the precious laws and treasures of Nature, become aware of our unlimited inner powers and shape our destiny, future, circumstances and attain ultimate health and attain prosperity the way we want it to be.

Dr. N.K. Sharma (Guruji) says –
More than ourselves,
God has been kind to us,
He wishes to give; he,
who is ready may take!