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“Yes, I made my salary 1.50 Lakh through The Power Of Reiki & Subconscious Mind”

After learning Reiki & The Power of Subconscious mind with Guruji Dr. N. K. Sharma, I truly realised my utter ignorance & unlimited hidden powers. After this enlightenment I started programming my subconscious mind & regularly energised through Reiki healing that I have a job of 80 thousands salary which exactly I achieved. Then again I programmed that within one year it will extend to 1.5 lakh. It sounds stupid but it really worked & today I am enjoying what I desired. Now I have become a creator of my own life. Now the sky is the limit.

Guruji very rightly said, have great desires, dreams, passion, action & unshakable faith - The Universe will work for you & it has worked for me. Guruji has transformed millions including me. I heartily thanks him for bringing this amazing transformation in me. My Life & my all achievement owes to him.

Mr. Ravi Ranjan is a regional director of a renowned educational institute at Surat, Gujrat. Ph. : +91-9377370909

“Reiki Must Be A Subject For Every Educated Person & Medical Professional”

Respected Guruji & Guruma, Accept my deep hearted desires for the best future & health. Ever since I met you & learned Reiki rather practice my own myself. My life is completely transformed, a rebirth experience. I think to learn Reiki it must be a subject for every educated person (Doctors / Professionals) etc. Even medical professional should be taught. How our thought effect our life & health. As guided by you, Most of the problem originate from mental body / emotional body & easy to treat if their origin is understood. I request all mighty to give you more & more strength so that this holy lesson should reach to the maximum people.
With Love & Regards
Dr. Prem Goyal, MBBS, MD, Sri Ganganagar,
Ph. : +91-9828521153

“1st RHF Master accomplishes Ph.D. in ReikI”
Research proves Reiki enhances Subjective-wellbeing

Ms. Komalpreet Khurana is perhaps the first person in the country to have attempted a Ph.D. thesis on the "Impact of Reiki on Subjective Well-Being". RHF congratulates Ms. Komal for her outstanding feat. We give here Ms. Komal's first hand report of her experience while conducting research on this subject:
My interest in Reiki had developed when my mother (Dr Avaninder Kaur, Reiki Master) introduced Reiki to me in the year 2000. Thereafter, I completed all the levels in Reiki and became Reiki Master in the year 2007. Since then, I have seen the impact of Reiki in all areas of life: physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual. These experiences of mine gave me a ground to carry out a research in this area. Therefore, I decided to study the impact of Reiki on “subjective-well-being”. For the study, 80 adult participants were taken. Participants were then divided into two groups: Group 1 (with Reiki) and Group 2 (without Reiki). A 30-minute Reiki session was held each day for 40 days only was followed to study the effectiveness of Reiki. 'Subjective Well-Being' of both the groups was assessed before and after the Reiki. Semi-structured interview was also carried out to elicit information regarding 'emotional health', 'spiritual health', 'feelings of calmness', 'relaxation & energy', etc. Themes emerging from participants of the Group 1 after Reiki revealed marked changes falling into a few broad categories of responses: 'promoting calmness', 'relaxation & energy', 'improved emotional health', 'improved relationships', 'increased spirituality', 'enhanced self-esteem, 'positive outlook', etc. whereas no such changes were seen in the responses reported by the participants of the Group 2 (the one without Reiki) after a gap of 40-days. Hence, findings of the study suggest that Reiki had brought about an increase in the subjective well-being of the participants.

– seeing the unseen

“It Helps In Knowing The Unknown & Seeing The Unseen”

Dr. Kajal Mugrai- I am a proficient Reiki healer and after learning Crystal Ball Gazing, I feel myself complete. It is a wonderful course devised by guruji. Initially, I could not see much in the crystal ball but now with practice, I have been able to see several things including the face of my father. I am sure that I will be able to use their technique fruitfully. It is such a useful course that everyone should learn it as it helps in seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown.

“We Also Posses Powers Like Siddhas”

S. Leela Jain/Bengaluru-
The course of Crystal Ball Gazing was excellent. I earlier thought that such powers were possessed only by siddhas and yogis but Guruji has proved these notions false by making this course extremely systematic and easy. I could see many things in the crystal ball and got a clue of the answer to my query. I feel that the course would be extremely beneficial to me in the future.

“I Saw My Pastlife & Future Events in Crystal Ball”

Asha Praveen/ Bengaluru-
I am fortunate that I did the course of crystal ball gazing from RHF. I saw a bit of my past life and several other future events of my life. There were gods and goddesses too. The experience was wonderful. I feel everyone should do this course, as it also helps in developing intuitive power. I am grateful to Guruji for teaching me this amazing method.

“It's A Very Nice Course- Another Amazing Dimension”

G. Prasad Kumar/ Bengaluru-
The course content, the explanation and the exercises conducted during the class were very good and could get a feel of the results of gazing into the crystal ball. I was able to see various colors, shapes and information that you seek for to answer your queries. I am continuing to practice to get more proficiency to enable seeing the past, present & future. Thank you for introducing to another amazing dimension.

“Very Easy Course - Got All My Answers”

Jay Chand Sharma/Bengaluru-
The course of Crystal Ball Gazing is of great use. It helps a person to see the past and future events of life. I could see many things and also got reply to my questions. It is really surprising and also commendable that Guruji has made the course so easy to understand that it can be learnt and practiced by anyone easily. I feel that with practice, I will be able to use the course immensely.

Miraculous Effect of Dowsing

“Chronic Eye Disorder healed in 7 days”

I was having some problem in my eyes right from my school days. After reading for about 15-20 minutes, my eyes used to pain and I could no longer bear the strain. Reading or writing continuously had become impossible for me to do. I left no stone unturned to get my eyes treated but there was no relief at all. Doctors suggested that the shape of my eye was faulty and recommended surgery to cure it. However, I was quite averse to surgery. Later, I came to know about Dowsing and Reiki courses of RHF. When I learnt Dowsing, I immediately started healing for my eye using it. In a couple of days, I started getting benefit. After 7 days, my situation improved so much that I can now read continuously for several hours without any problems. Though I use spectacles but I am sure with constant healing, soon there will be no need for me to use them. I am extremely grateful to Guruji-Guruma for their help and support.

“Talked to my Mother's Soul;
Missing Bank documents

It has been rightly said that miracles do happen sometimes in a person's life and especially with those who don't believe in them. Most of the time we see things through the prism of our perceptions, which has little or nothing to do with what is real. Before learning Reiki, I had gone through so many ups and downs in my life and now my life but now with the blessings of Guruji and Guruma, it has got completely changed. I wish to share the experience of my successful communication with my mother's soul and how she helped me and my father in finding some missing papers related to Bank Fixed Deposits.

Around 3 months back, I lost my mother after prolonged illness. We later came to know that she had a couple of accounts in some banks, the details of which were not known to any one of us in the family. After her demise, I and my father searched the entire house but could not find papers related to her accounts. Finally, when we lost hope, we sought help from RHF's professional past life therapist. She carried out a past life session and asked me a few questions. Then she invited my mother's spirit. At that time, everything seemed blurred. I was in a deep state of meditation and yet awake. Then suddenly, I saw a figure in white outfit which resembled my mother closely. Then I asked her about the missing papers and gave her three options and asked for a hint. She directed me towards a particular direction. After the session, I searched for the papers where she had hinted them to be, and I was totally surprised to find all the papers.

Ms. S. Srivastava

“Very concise and Wonderful Course ”

It was very nice , concise and wonderful course. Dr. Sharma has nicely elaborated the Concept. I have already started practicing and will take the benefits of this course definitely.

Harmeet Kaur

“Art of Hypnotism is

Past Life Teacher is a wonderfully designed Course by Guruji.I Liked the course immensely. However,the Hypnosis part is remarkable and can be extremely useful for several purposes. The best part is that the course contents can also be used for treating sickness and addictions. The entire course is scientific and marvelously designed.

Shashi Chawla

“Ability To Travel Anywhere
is Thrilling”

I still don’t believe that I have learnt hypnotism and astral travelling along with the art of going into the past and future. The course is very good and has been developed quite systematically. I was thrilled to learn that from on, I would be able to travel anywhere at will. The Course is really great. Arpana Bansal

“The Course Helps to Finding Answer to Any Question”

I was completely thrilled to see my past life during the course. Guruji has made mystic concepts like astral travelling & hypnotism and astral travelling , easy to learn. It is astonishing that we can travel anywhere and talk to anyone in the world. It is also possible to get answers to your queries. The course is unique and everyone should learn it. Harish Agarwal


“Medical Surgery
averted by Reiki
Psychic Surgery”

Respected Guruji....Pranam! Attaching here with report from Jeevan Hospital ,Near Asharam Chowk where doctor advised me circumsion (surgery) on 31st august which requires 10 days of complete rest post- surgery. But we attended 3rd level reiki course on 3rd Sep. and started getting the result of psychic surgery from same day. On 14 Sept. doctor at the same hospital confirmed that it is fully recovered and there is no need for surgery. It is truly amazing. It is all due to Reiki powers and your blessings that surgery was avoided and I am leading a healthy life.

Mukesh Kapur


“Vision Board helping to achieve improbable goals!”

I was an ordinary person practising my profession as CA like any other professional. However, in 2010, when I learnt Reiki from RHF, my Guruji Dr N., K. Sharma revealed the secrets of Mind Power. I was surprised to know about these secrets. I was told that anything seen and visualised with positive affirmations and intense desire can be achieved. In this manner, I devised my own method of achieving those goals in my life which otherwise seem improbable for an ordinary individual. I made a VISION BOARD and pasted pictures of my goals on it. I waned to give a presentation to the audience. So I pasted a picture of me doing do on the Vision Board. My constantly looking at the Board and intense visualization of the same coming true did wonders. Likewise I wanted to do L.LB and Ph.D which I have already achieved. In a span of one year, I have also lost 15 kg weight without exercise or any kind of diet control. As seen in the picture, I have pasted many other pictures of my future goals on the Vision Board, e.g. one wonderful house, excellent office, handsome salary. I even desire to have my own charter plane/helicopter. I am sure that I will be able to accomplish these goals using the Board. Dr. Sharma's Reiki & Mind Power workshop is an excellent course and everyone should learn this art. I also suggest that people should make their personalised Vision Boards and use them to their advantage.

-Dr. Rajneesh Gupta

NATURAL DIET“Loss 15 Kg. & Cured Allergy by Natural Diet”
Gurbaksh Singh Luthra

I suffered from several health problems. I was overweight at 105 kg. Besides, every night my nose would get blocked. I also got up frequently for urination in the night. In August 2013, I learnt Reiki from RHF, wherein I was also told about the importance and benefits of natural diet. I was very much convinced and impressed by Guruji's lecture on natural diet. Although it was difficult initially to change a long-established routine, I made conscious efforts and starting eating natural food. Now, after almost 8 months, I have managed to change my diet schedule. I do not eat anything in breakfast, have a normal lunch and take only salad and fruits in dinner. Amazingly, my weight is now less than 90 Kg, I do not get up at night to empty my bladder and the problem of blocked nose is also cured. Everyone should learn the benefits of natural diet, as given by Guruji in Reiki workshop, for a healthy and disease-free life.