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Unlimited Wonders of Reiki

by divine blessings of Reiki, Guruji & Guruma

I have been trained by RHF to the level of 3rd degree. I have been practicing Reiki 3 hours daily for the last one year. A few days back, my mother, who is 75 years old and is a heart patient for 6 years and suffering from diabetics for the last 25 years, suffered a massive stroke at 7.30 a.m. on 06.02.09. Her heart beat stopped, pulse could not be found and there was no evident sign of life. It looked as if he had passed away. All the family members started crying. I also tried to put gangajal in her mouth twice but there was no response. Suddenly, I was advised by some superpower that I should use Reiki's healing rd power. Though I am trained upto 3 degree only, I immediately, started healing my mother using 3rd degree and after 2 minutes, she came back to life. Afterwards, my mother told me that during that time, there was a complete blackout and she could neither hear nor see anything. By the grace of GOD, REIKI, REIKI GURUS, GURUJI (Dr. N. K. SHARMA) & GURUMA (Dr. SAVITA SHARMA) my mother has got a new lease of life. My mother feels that she is now completely healthy. May she live long!

When I was giving healing to my mother at the time of this incident on 06.02.09, I could feel that GURUJI was standing beside me and giving me instructions and I gave healing to her as per his instructions and my mother survived. I express my heartfelt gratitude to GURUJI & GURUMA and all the REIKI GURUS because due to their blessings and guidance, I was able to revive life energy into the body of my mother. Please keep me blessed with the powers of REIKI to enable me to serve my family, my neighbourhood, my society and the entire mankind./p>

NB. I am enclosing my photo also and I request that my experience may be published in the monthly magazine "Wonders of Reiki".

Vandana Suneja, Patiala

With the guidance & blessings of Guruji - Guruma in the last 8 yrs., I have gathered enough experience in practicing Reiki and have had the opportunity to witness many positive results which I wish to share with you.

Last year, I went to Trivandrum. It so happened that both my parents-in-laws and my parents wished to go with us. I was in a dilemma. I couldn't deny either of them. But the problem was that they did not share cordial relations with each other. I wondered how I would deal with the situation and keep both sides happy. Finally, 30 days before we left, I used the healing technique on both families for a smooth relationship and mutual co-operation. I was delighted when all this actually happened at Trivandrum. Both families enjoyed each other's company. The best part of the story is that the warm relationship between both families is continuing even today.

Reiki Power is miraculous in itself. Further, combining it with dowsing & other techniques can give amazing results.

Renu Kant, Gurgaon

Reiki Symbols Solve All The Problems

I have incredible experiences with Reiki symbols. They are truly divine in nature. The symbols of Reiki are so powerfully charged that the moment they are used for their defined and specific purposes, they yield results instantly. I have been using these symbols with great success. Any object, person or anything on which these symbols are projected becomes charged and pure. I literally worship these symbols.

Mrs. Rajinder Kaur, Kharar

Rs.4 Lakhs Recovered By Reiki

One of my acquaintances, Shri Ramesh (name changed) working in a bank, inadvertently, credited a cheque of 4 lakh rupees in a wrong account. The beneficiary of the money bluntly refused to return the amount saying that it was none of his mistake. The bank authorities asked Shri Ramesh to either return the amount to the bank or resign from the job. He asked me to help him in the matter. I started healing the mind of the person who had erroneously got the money. After a healing of 21 days, that man agreed to make the payment in instalments. But the bank didn't agree to this and said that it wanted the money in full as one-time payment. So, I started healing his mind twice a day and continued it for another 21 days. Finally, that man made the full and final payment of the entire amount. Thanks to Reiki!

Mrs. Kamlesh, Delhi

Severe Ascitis Cured, Damaged Liver Recuperates

I was diagnosed for Ascitis (a rare syndrome characterized by enlarged liver and spleen). Due to this trouble, my stomach used to bloat with water. I am a naamdhari sikh so I approached my Guruji, Shri Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj of Bhaini Sahib, Ludhiana. He referred me to the Apollo Hospital of Ludhiana. They started my treatment by draining out water from the stomach which was a very painful process. Later treating me for sometime, they told me that they did not have any treatment for my problem as my Liver was totally damaged. I again approached guru maharaj for help. He then told me about Dr. N. K. Sharma and said that now only Dr. Sharma could save my life. So I came to RHF and met Dr. Sharma. He scanned my Aura and after due analysis, assured me of my recovery. His assurance instilled a new hope in me. RHF started my Reiki treatment. I learnt Reiki myself and went to 'Healing Temple' for about 2 weeks and amazingly, my health started improving. Later, RHF put me on Emergency Healing. It is today, difficult to believe that I am now perfectly fine and my Liver is also functioning normally. I do not have words to express my gratitude for Dr. Sharma and RHF for saving my life.

Shri Jagtar Singh, Uttarakhand


Last year, my husband had an interview for a job in a very reputed firm. Since he was very keen on doing that job, I did Reiki healing for his success. Miraculously, he was selected in the interview and got the job and also a dream project in London. Reiki is simply amazing!

Sheela Prakash, Bangalore



I got the Grand Master Training from Guruji (Dr. N. K. Sharma) in July 2007. Among other Reiki techniques learnt in the programme, the water charging method has been a boon in my practice on the patients. A large number of my patients havebenefitted from the treatment.

The most astonishing result was the case of a 12 yrs. old girl child, named Priyanka who had developed bald patches on her head. On examination, I found fungus on her scalp. I treated her with the charged water and hair grew on these patches in four days. I am indebted to Guruji for the training. Heart felt thanks to Guruji.

Sujata Mongia, Ghaziabad


A girl was suffering from Migraine. It was also adversely affecting her studies and she could hardly score 50% marks. After prolonged treatment, when there was no relief, she came to us for help. We started her Reiki treatment. After a healing of 21 days, her pain vanished completely and she also scored 80% marks in her exams. No power is as miraculous as Reiki!

Pooja & Prashant Mangal, Chennai


Electricity Bill Reduced To One-Third!

Due to heavy use of AC, my electricity bill used to be over Rs.5000. As explained by Guruji during the Reiki class, I kept crystals charged with Reiki on the AC stabilizer. Surprizingly, the very next bill reduced to onethird of the previous & I have paid only Rs.1600! Reiki is incredibly marvellous !

Abhilasha Negi, Chandigarh

Operation for uterus-removal averted

One of my friends had several gynae-related problems due to which the doctor had advised her to have her uterus removed. When I came to know of this, I asked her to wait for 21 days, during which I did regularhealing for her. Amazingly, after 21 days, she reported excessive relief and medical check-up revealed that there was no need to remove the uterus. Reiki is simply wonderful!

To me, Reiki is the essence of life. I make it a point to give Reiki to the Earth also as it helps a lot in keeping the environment pure and positive.

Roopam Srivastava, Gurgaon


I learnt Reiki from Dr. N. K. Sharma about 15 years back and since then, there has no been no looking back. I have been regularly using Reiki to heal anyone who comes to me for help. I only treat the people through distance healing. I see the photograph of the patient once and then after listening to his problem, I prepare an affirmation for him and keep it in the crystal grid. I also ask the patients to keep a glass full of water by their bedside before sleeping, which they have to drink as soon as they get up in the morning. I give Reiki to the crystal grid for 5 minutes in the night and visualize the glass of water being charged. There are about 200 patients whose affirmations are kept in the grid and they all get healing simultaneously.

Madhava Sharma, Bengaluru

10 Year Epilepsy Cured in Reiki Workshop

I have been suffering from Brain disease for the last 11 years, due to which I was getting fits and there was a massive memory loss. Leading a normal life had become a problem. I had been on medication from St. Stephens Hospital but there was no sign of complete cure from the disease. I even took advice frompsychiatrists, tantriks (both Hindu & Muslim) but they all only blackmailed me. I lost money and confidence in myself. I was totally dependent on others and was unable to do any work on my own. Thereafter, I met Dr. N. K. Sharma & Dr. Savita Sharma. Initially, I felt that Reiki was some kind of Hindu cult and I should not do it. But, when I talked to Dr. Sharma and also went through the Reiki course material and other concerned books, I was totally demystified. I realized that Reiki has nothing to do with any religion and it is purely scientific natural therapy. Earlier, I did only I & II Degree course. The results were amazing. I gained back my health, my confidence, the desire to live and remain healthy. The enlightening lectures of Dr. Sharma and his wonderful guidance helped me to get rid of all kinds of fears, planetary phobias, tantriks and all other such useless things. I have 100% belief in Reiki and I am sure that with regular practice of Reiki, everybody can remain healthy and enjoy bliss. I would say that Reiki is the real Doctorate. It gives immense internal power and everybody should learn it. In brief, Reiki has changed my life completely.

Muslim brothers must learn reikiI request all my Muslim friends, relatives and other people to believe in this wonderful science of healing and learn it and make their life worth living. I have decided to wholeheartedly work for the promotion & propagation of Reiki as it has no side effects. I have also decided that very soon I will become a successful Reiki Grand Master. I express my deepest regards to Dr. Sharma for giving me a new lease of life!

Tasleem Ali, Musician, Delhi


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