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Why Search a Guru in a Jungle or Ashram, Why not Search him in the open !!!

Why does a man search Guru. Man is always on the lookout of a Guru for different individual reasons and/or purposes. Someone is on the lookout of a guru in order to get rid of all his/her grieves, hurdles and impediments, someone for fulfillment of his/her worldly desires; someone is just imitating and following others simply because others are doing so. Someone is searching guru for the truth of life, spiritual knowledge, for attainment of God and salvation or for the overall development of one's own self.

Where shall we get a true guru. Man has been thinking about this since centuries and today also when so much has been changed to the modern sense of the term he is thinking that guru can be attained in an Ashram, jungle or within the caves of Himalayas. One is of the opinion that a guru cannot be attained at home or within the family or in the market. It is a general and common belief, "How a family-man or a housewife could become a guru. What kind of guru one can be if he/she is running a family, or running a business or if his attire is like a common man well dressed, suited booted, driving himself his own vehicle e.g. bicycle, scooter or car, washes his own clothes, sweeps clean his living room? How can such a person be a guru? Has a guru to serve someone else?

Man's nature is always in the search of something inaccessible. He tends to worship someone who is away from normal life; a person with an extraordinary personality. You cannot remain naked; but he can. It comes to you as a great surprise. That person seems to you to be spiritual. A person remains standing on one leg; or a person subsists only on milk since last ten years; or some saint takes potatoes only and nothing else to remain alive; and look at this so called mahatma, he prefers to keep himself buried in the earth or a basement cell; this mahatma keeps himself in water; and that mahatma can control his breath for hours; he sleeps on thorns or bed of nails and so he seems to you to be spiritual.

Let it be made clear once for all that spirituality has nothing to do with these extremes. These extremes may be appropriate for getting one's name registered in Guinness Book of World Record. These can never be your goals or purposes in life. Only those people live in these extremes who, either cherish to display to the world some extraordinary experiments or are mentally deranged. Or they are on the lookout for something to feed their ego upon and to prove their importance. Or they become staunch followers of some wandering, blind guru and thus keeping blind faith upon these extremes horribly wander from their true path leading to the ultimate goal of achieving spiritual knowledge and God. And we innocent people regard them to be spiritual!! From which angle do they seem to you to be spiritual?

They who interpret and define Geeta and Ramayana are not spiritual gurus.

There is always a great and deep attraction within human beings towards a special subject. Some bear their attraction towards Art and Literature; some towards Music; some towards Mathematics and some others towards understanding old epics and God. These people study very deep and hard about their own subject and become expert in it like a professor in a college. They become so much experienced that they are fully aware of the subject and they are in a position to impart its total subtle knowledge to those who desire to learn it.

It is in the same way that we have experts in defining Geeta, Ramayana and Bhagwat. They are in a position to criticize, study and analyze these religious books. We become very much impressed due to their analysis and way of defining and thus give them a certificate of being a spiritual guru.

There is no doubt about the fact that we should give due respect like a teacher to such learned people; but we should not call them saints, spiritual gurus or treat them as ultimate ideal goal of our life. If you look deep into the life of these people you will find that more than 50% of them are disappointed.

(Dr. N. K. Sharma)


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