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It is an established fact that Reiki Healing Foundation (RHF) is not only the best Reiki organization in India but has become prestigious, renowned and well established organization throughout the world. It is our consistent and persistent endeavor to get this image established into the minds of people as a whole and for this purpose we are fully determined to leave no stone unturned to spread this knowledge far and wide. Our sole purpose is to spread this scientific knowledge throughout the entire world and we are making it possible through our regular Training Courses, our Researches, Publicity and Seminars.

It is heartening to note that today Reiki has been introduced to every child, student, housewife, businessman, corporate world, jail-mates and also medical doctors of various systems. As a result of this they have become self-dependent, stress-free spiritual and confident.

Notwithstanding the above facts, we have no intention to become complacent or rest on our oars. Very soon we are going to establish Mystic Colleges and Institutions with a sole objective towards development of Reiki Science. New teachers and expert healers will be trained in these colleges and institutions so as to strengthen the roots of Reiki. Besides we also have a plan to set up Reiki clinics in every village. These clinics will not only eradicate the sufferings of the common people but will also create teachers and expert healers who in turn will impart to the general public the necessary knowledge pertaining to Reiki science and thus play their own part towards development of this knowledge.

We have to teach people to get them rid of their blind beliefs and faiths; we have to teach them to become self-dependent and self-confident; we have to teach them that God has no part to play nor is he in any way responsible for their sufferings; we have to teach them to come out of fatalism that is deep-rooted in them and that is the result of their blindly following our so-called saints, mahatmas and astrologers; we have to teach them that it is they who are responsible for their own sufferings and if they wish they may eradicate these and lead a happy and peaceful life. The root cause of their sufferings is that they totally disregarded the laws of Nature and instead sowed the seed of negative deeds e.g. consuming tobacco, wine, hashish, opium and all sorts of intoxicating objects and also their tendency towards gratification of carnal desires by excessive indulgence in women and sex etc.

The big question now is: How can they eradicate their sufferings? The answer is simple; just do the opposite; start sowing the seed of all good and positive deeds and believe it that you would definitely achieve your objective.

Thus we have to make people alert and conscious of the intentions of these fake saints and Tantriks and astrologers and teach them to drop these shackles that bind them. They cannot free themselves of all these age-old Blind Beliefs, Superstitions, Myths, Ignorance, Fears of Planets, Black Magic, and Spiritual Nonsense until and unless they are fully determined to discontinue following these fake saints, Tantriks and astrologers.

Notwithstanding the above facts, there were only a very few mahatmas in India who encouraged us to rise above fatalism – and these have been Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Nanak, Osho etc.

These mahatmas showed us the true path according to their different standard of ages in which they flourished but the most regrettable thing is that they constitute less than 1% of the total mahatmas and a category of more than 99% of mahatmas encouraged fatalism!! Where we have reached today? What were the teachings which have resulted in to be what we are today? Can we not imagine why we are not counted among the developed nations of the world? We are foremost in poverty, corruption, forgery, cheating, imitation, blind faith, filth, refuse, indiscipline, wastage of time, laziness and above all fatalism.

We must be conscious of the above facts and start immediately remedial measures if we have to save ourselves and our future generations.

In conclusion we have to teach ourselves to establish the ultimate laws of nature and follow a concrete scientific base so as to develop a scientific mentality amongst us. We have to teach ourselves to establish the Real Values of Indian Culture, Spirituality and Hidden Knowledge.
Let us join hands with each other to achieve what we have aimed at – to spread Reiki throughout the world and we must not consider it to be a small task!!!

(Dr. N. K. Sharma)


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