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Reiki Mastership is emerging as the best healing profession all around the world, enabling you to grow financially and spiritually as well.

Future is for Reiki Masters:

Growing dissatisfaction & side effects of modern medicine is diverting people towards alternative methods of Natural Healing in which Reiki is the most simplest yet powerful result oriented healing technique appreciated and adopted by all existing medical systems as a complimentary aid. Demand for Reiki is growing day by day and in future it will be high.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes are appointing Reiki Masters:

Several renowned hospitals, nursing homes, health resorts & holistic hospitals have separate/ exclusive healing sections for Reiki & other spiritual & holistic healing sciences. Several projects are coming up and the demand of the expert Reiki Masters will obviously grow in near future.

The Reiki Mastership is the only profession, which needs no academic qualification:

Reiki Mastership is the only spiritual healing profession in which no academic qualification is essential to become a perfect Master. All you need is a simple nature of caring, healing, faith & dedication.

Could not fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor?:

Don't be disappointed. Reiki Mastership gives benefits of both earthly & spiritual world. All professions have one world in their hand but Reiki Masters have both the worlds in their hands.

Do you want to serve for the sufferings of humanity? Then Become a Reiki Master:

The Best way to remain busy in the old age after retirement is to offer service for the sufferings of the humanity. Eradicating health and life problems by initiating people into Reiki.

Reiki Master, A designation more than a post graduate professional:

If you couldn't succeed in Academic Qualifications, do not feel inferior. Become a Reiki Master & live with a great pride in the society.

Make your daughter, Daughter-in-law, wife & retired parents self dependent:

Fulfil your purpose on this earth if you have no better choice for earning or bringing out your talents. Become a successful Reiki! Master and achieve all your physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual requirements. Because love & care are the basic nature of every human being & Reiki is nothing but loving & caring.

Is your daughter getting married and going abroad? let her become a Reiki Master:

Several young girls get attuned for Reiki Mastership before they go abroad after their marriage. Because they and their wise parents know very well that probably all other educational qualification may help or may not help but Reiki Mastership will definitely help their daughter or daughter-in-law to remain busy and find a sacred way of earning with dignity.

Do You Want? :

Your friends, family members, colleagues and business associates to get rid of their diseases & sufferings? Become a Reiki Master and initiate them into Reiki. If you have earnest desire to help all suffering people around you, become a Reiki Master (side by side with your business & career). Probably you may change thousands of lives, which in turn may bestow you with unlimited happiness. Would you like to miss this wonderful opportunity to help the mankind ?


Gain complete and correct scientific information of Reiki from the world's Famous Grand Masters/Reiki Organisation and become a successful Reiki Master. Not just a mastership but a total awakening & all round prosperity.

Our Credibility
  • RHF is world's largest group of Reiki Masters & Reiki Channels. We have trained more than 2000 Masters, Grand Masters & 100000 Reiki Channels all over the world.
  • A highly informative mastership with world renowned spiritual masters Dr. N. K. Sharma & Dr. Savita Sharma popularly known as Guruji & Guruma, they are highly enlightened soul's. A living example of what they preach, free from all sufferings & diseases, Masters' in the true sense.
  • A mastership where learning never ends. Learn & grow continuously with the divine masters.
  • It is just not mastership but a total awakening towards the infallible laws of nature for perfect transformation. Where all the diseases, suffering, darkness, ignorance, myths & fear ends. Experience a profound change in your personality & life.
  • A well researched, in-depth knowledge, complete, accurate, original scientific attunement as earlier practiced by our sages, saints & mystic masters.
  • Essence of 30 years of study, research and knowledge in the field of natural healing, mystic sciences & spirituality.
  • The pride of being a student of one of the best organisation of the world and its grand masters.
  • The free facility of continuously practising all types of Reiki courses under the guidance of Reiki grand masters in regular Reiki workshops.
  • Sharing of new experiences & Advanced Techniques in every "monthly master meet".
  • All information Shared by Reiki Healing Foundation, throughout your life time.
  • Identity Card and Membership of "Inter-national Reiki Masters Association".
  • The readymade Course Material, Certificate, Information Brochures of all levels of Reiki, the guidance and full facilities to establish oneself as a successful Reiki Master.
  • Complete consultation and guidance to establish a Reiki clinic and the execution of Reiki courses.
  • Special discount of 10% to 20% is given on Reiki literature, CDs, and crystals etc. for RHF Reiki Masters.

A Quantum Leap From Lower Dimension To The Higher Dimension

  • Who am l ?: A powerful meditation to recognise your inner self and enhance your potential to take you to endless spiritual heights. You would love to experience this bliss again.
  • Clearing of Prana & all Seven Chakra's: Instant clearing & purification of physical, mental, emotional, psychic & karmic blockages.
  • Energy Locking: an ancient method of binding the powers of one's mind and body to project a powerful Shaktipat (which is unknown to many Reiki Masters).
  • Healing attunement: to heal all kinds of mental, emotional, psychic & physical diseases continuously and in less time.
  • Complete information & practical knowledge of the traditional/modern, Tibetan and Indian processes of Shaktipat.
  • The original history of Reiki, its correct symbols and authentic information with proof.
  • Complete satisfactory practice of Reiki I, II and III Level initiation.
  • Self initiation and distant initiation.
  • Four more powerful symbols with "Anthakarana", and its uses.
  • Karuna Reiki I, II level and the practice of its mastership.
  • The technique to heal any patient by flowing energy from different part of the body other then hands.
  • The practical technique to execute the seminar of Reiki I, II, & III Level course and other useful information.
  • The economically backward people may derive the benefit of doing the mastership course, by paying in instalments.
  • Reiki Healing Foundation completely supports its Reiki Masters (if they wish) to earn money by visiting patients in their area.
  • If Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Resorts and Nature Cure Hospitals require the services of the good Reiki Healers and Masters, Reiki Healing Foundation recommend its Masters to them.


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