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Reiki means a positive forceful universal healing energy. Whatever it may be - coincidences, circumstances, problems or negative forces, do not fight or struggle with them; do not get worried; do not try to escape and be vulnerable to disappointment; do not panic. Realize the problem and immediately start creating the opposite energy, i.e. Reiki. Greater the negative forces or greater the intensity of the problem, greater the healing energy you will have to create which is bound to overcome every problem & disease. REIKI NEVER FAILS. Do not become a victim of coincidence. Instead, create your own coincidences as you desire by regular Reiki Healing, goal achievement and programming your sub-conscious mind. If you do not create your own coincidences then you have to become a victim of natural coincidences. You have the power to create your own coincidences. Utilize it.

Reiki Means “Creating The Lacking Energy By Forceful Will”

(Dr. N. K. Sharma)


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