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Reiki 3rd Level

Reiki Illrd Level - The Master Healer Course is a combination of all the powerful advanced healing techniques of Reiki Healing. Every subject & healing technique that you learn is a complete independent science in itself. One can choose and specialize in any healing technique & can become master of it.

The Reiki Healing Foundation (RHF) feels proud to present a world class, unique & scientific course. First of its kind in the world continuously updated, enriched through latest researches, discoveries & developments. Hence, creating a true, successful, spiritual & psychic healer. Empower yourself with the powerful Reiki healing tools of Illrd Level to fight all incurable health ailments, problems of life, psychic attacks, fears, blind belief, help self & others to achieve everything that we desire like health, wealth, peace, power, love & spiritual heights.

RHF is a pioneer world body in the field of Reiki and the other energy sciences. Its contributions to the field are unparallel in the world, keeping in view the research, experiment and innovative techniques adopted by it. Dr. N. K. Sharma & Dr. Savita Sharma are the Torch bearers and driving force behind the RHF. Learners and beginners feel a noticeable difference at RHF's workshops and courses in comparison to other small Reiki Teaching Institutions. RHF students become life long members of the RHF family and receive further guidance, information and support whenever they require it, while working as a Master Healer.

The Master Symbol

Master Symbol is the ultimate & highest empowering symbol among all the symbols in Reiki. It is the last resource used for the bigger tasks, emergencies, higher protection, activation of the inner powers & spiritual upliftment. It also ensures definite achievement of any Goal.

Chakra (Kundalini) Meditation

The most Powerful meditation among all the meditation in Reiki Courses created by Guruji Dr. N. K. Sharma with special effects of seven sounds of chakra's, colours, mantras to awaken Psychic Powers, The Kundalini and All Chakras. Its an Inexplicable spiritual experience.


Psychic Attack - Healing & Prevention

Self-Defence against Psychic Attacks & Evil spirits includes the latest research on energy fields, chakra's, white magic, black magic and vampires. You will learn how to diagnose and treat psychic attacks. It Offers simple, effective and practical remedies for psychic problems encountered by most people. It teaches several ways to shield one's self from projected negative thoughts and psychic contamination such as fashioning and strengthening of the human aura, removing negative energies, vibrations from psychically dirty places, reinforcing psychic defenses through counter attack and counter defense methods, know how to deal with black magicians, taking corrective measures when a person has been psychically penetrated and other never before known techniques.

Science Of Crystal Healing

Full information about the crystal science is given in the lllrd Level course. You learn numerous powerful methods of treatment through crystals in it. Crystal science is such a powerful science in itself that a person can become a successful healer by gaining mastership alone in it . The students across the world have to spend a good sum of amount to learn this course separately.

Amazing Benefits of Crystals:

Crystals (Quartz) are The greatest divine gift to the mankind. The only mineral having highest storage of cosmic energy which can be used for Quick Healing, Energy Multiplication, Programming, Transmission, Negativity Clearing, Strong Protection, Meditation, Balanc-ing, Development of Psychic Powers, Higher Spiritual Expe-riences, Dream Revelation, Goal Achievement, Grounding the Excess Energy etc.

It Is Highly Beneficial in:

  • Energizing Water, Plants, Food, Home, Business Establishment, Self & Others.
  • Increasing the utility of petrol, gas & electricity. Reducing your expanses by 1/3.
  • Prevention from strong radiation of earth, television, micro-oven, computer, mobile & other environmental hazards.
  • Instant Pain Relief & Healing. All Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychic & Karmic Problems.
  • Send Healing & Reiki energy continuously for 24 hours anywhere in the world.

Reiki Crystal Grid

Quartz crystal has miraculous power of energy amplification, programming & transmission when various crystals are placed in a particular Geometrical form. It becomes a pool of powerful healing energy. In which you can put any number of healings & wishes at a time. The multiplication of energy brings, faster & successful results.

Psychic Surgery

An amazing healing technique. Very simple yet highly effective and can be learned by anyone. Even an illiterate or a child can also learn & perform this surgery successfully. It's our inborn natural psychic healing power. We initiate & teach you the right technique to perform it successfully. You can literally remove cyst, stones, tumors, fibroids, pus, clotting, infected or defective parts, toxic or foreign substances on psychic (subtle, mental) level, exactly like normal surgery. You can repair, cleanse, reconstruct, reset, heal & re-energize the ailing organ thus curing & relieving the suffering of humanity and preventing them from unnecessary medical expenses.

Kinesology:- Muscle Response Test (MRT)-(Diagnose from distance)

It's an amazing and simplest diagnosing technique must be learnt by every layman, natural healers & medical experts to diagnose positive and negative effects of food, gems, vastu, environmental energy, person, medicines, cyrstals, colours, etc. etc. It has unlimited applications. You can also diagnose the weak and strong chakra's, body organs, specific deficiency of particular vitamin, mineral, protein and hormones even from a distance.


Many other Tibetan and Indian symbols for various purposes.

  1. The symbols of increasing wealth & prosperity.
  2. The symbol of defence. It saves one from bad elements & energies.
  3. The symbol to provide security and protection.
  4. The symbol for peaceful organisation & its functions.
  5. The symbol to give immediate relief from the bite of poisonous animals such as snake, insects etc.
  6. The symbol for grounding excess energy, anger, blood pressure etc.
  7. The symbol to eliminate the past karma and pain.
  8. The symbol to give relief from highly infective diseases such as AIDS, T.B. and others dreadful diseases.
  9. The special Tibetan symbol to awaken the chakras & 3rd eye.
  10. The symbol to balance & harmonise all kinds of relationship between Husband and Wife, Business Associates, Family Members etc.
  11. The symbol to eliminate the deep blockages of spine, mind & body.
Karma Clearance and Magnificent 'I'

Introducing The Most Powerful Meditation -- "RHF's New Creation for IIIrd Level"

Highlights of The Meditation:

  • How to clear Past Karma, Blockages, Effect of Curse & Planets, Black Magic & other Negative Forces.
  • How to balance your Hormones, Blood Chemistry (Calcium, Iron & other minerals), Mind & Emotions, Relationships, Finances & Unfavourable Circumstances etc.
  • How to Become a Power Magnet to attract clients & people etc.,
    To influence any person on your terms. To make them favourable towards you. To prevent yourself from all negative forces and negative people. To change Negative people. To empower you so that your presence can change Defective Vastu energies and environment.
  • How to become a Money Magnet and attract all round prosperity, abundant wealth, luxuries, comforts of life & opportunities.
  • How to become a Love Magnet to attract love, affection, appreciation, happiness, harmonious relationship between you and your family members, your friends, neighbours, society, country, world, universe, plant, animals and everything existing in this universe.
  • How to become a Healing Magnet to heal anything and everything that comes in contact with your energy field like human beings, plants, animals, neighbours, Vastu, negative people & environment.
  • How to become a Dynamic Magnificent Force Powerful than Gems, Diamonds, Rudraksh or Crystals on this earth.
  • RHF is always striving for perfection and innovation for the benefit of RHF Students. This is one of the Most Powerful Meditation one can practice for all round Benefits and Empowerment.


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