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"I am a Dynamic Creation of this Universe, a Magnificent Force". The best & the strongest chosen one amongst millions of sperms. I am Blessed & Empowered with unlimited powers. I have the power to 'CHOOSE & CREATE'.

I have a strong positive force to counter all negative & evil forces. I have the power to Create & Attract new 'DREAMS, DESIRES, GOALS, VISION & DESTINY1.1 am the Creator, the Magnet and the biggest Gem. Universe is full of Opportunities, Prosperity & Treasury. I am born with unlimited potential; I am born to be Rich & Successful. Nobody can hold me back.

I have a beautiful body. It is God's most Intellectual Mechanism which always strives for 'PERFECTION, SOUND HEALTH, HEALING, REGENERATION & SURVIVAL'. I obey the command of my body & I respect its every action. My body is a temple of God. I treat my body lovingly & take care to provide for all its natural needs. I live my life to the fullest, enjoying all the 'COLOURS, AROMAS, TASTES & JOYS OF LIFE'. I am born to be healthy till my last breath & have decided to depart from this life after complete ripening.

I have majestic powers of 'EMOTIONS, WISDOM & SUBCONSCIOUS MIND' to manifest anything & everything. Sky is the limit for me. I can direct my life as I want; I have power to change my Habits, Personality & my Belief system completely.

I am eternal, immutable, pure consciousness above this impermanent body & mind. I have the power to liberate myself from all Bounding & Ignorance. I have the power to Enlighten & put end to all my sufferings.

I am born to be BUDDHA
I am born to be HEALTHY
I am born to be WEALTHY

So Be It! So Be It! So Be It!
I am That I am That I am That
Tatwamasi  Tatwamasi  Tatwamasi


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