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Past Life Regression – A path to self awakening

There is no denying the fact that we all are firm believers of holy scriptures and also try to follow the principles enunciated in them. Amongst all these scriptures and their preaching, the one which has most deeply affected our psyche is perhaps, the Gita. The Gita, as we know, is the lesson of life and karma taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. There are two basic and the most important facts that emerge from the entire discourse of the Gita. Firstly, the physical body is destructible but the soul never dies (Soul is immortal). Secondly, the karma chakra is inescapable and that every person has to face the result of his actions, both good and bad.

However, it is sad to realize that the above truths about life/death brought forth in the Gita are merely spoken by us without realizing their truthfulness. In order to overcome this and to make people realize the genuineness of the immortality of the soul and the truth about the Karma theory, RHF, under the able guidance of Dr. N. K. Sharma has discovered the miraculous process of Past Life Regression (PLR). The basic objective of PLR is that people should not merely recite the principles of Gita but to live them so that the truth of a chosen few should become the truth of everyone. PLR is a process by which a person is taken into the stage of trance and then he is made to regress into his past and future life/lives. The person is able to clearly see his previous births and deaths, the movement of his immortal soul from one body to another.

During the process of PLR, Dr. N.K. Sharma – who has taken countless people (including several saints) into their past lives – has helped people discover certain interesting facts. One of them is that we neither emerged from any animal form nor do we take any animal form in our future lives. The sex (male/female), caste, creed and eating habits (veg/non-veg) may however get changed from one life form to another. Another important feature about life seen during PLR is that relationships have no significance. It is noticed during PLR that our relations with people keep changing in every life. Our mother in our present life could have been our daughter or our wife in the previous life. Likewise, our son in the present birth could have been our brother/father in the previous one. People undergoing PLR have confirmed that soul never dies and that it is immortal. They have also confirm having seen the soul leaving one body and entering into another. This has also helped dispel their fear of death because they come to terms with the fact that death is limited only to the physical body. And this is the basic objective of RHF that each person after undergoing PLR should actually confirm the teachings of Gita regarding the immortality of the Soul.

This revelation of life and death through PLR indicates that the only two forces that govern the relationships of one soul to the other in each birth are Love and Hatred. All relations are the manifestations of only these two feelings. Love/hatred for any human form in this life is surely connected to some act of love/hatred in the previous lives and the same feeling of love/hatred will further govern the relations with that particular human being in the future lives as well.

Another important phenomenon that is seen during PLR is the extremely precise, accurate and flawless existence of the Karma theory of life. It is a fact that God has created the world and has slept forever. He does not control the results of your action. It is your own action that will give the due results to you. As such, there is no existence of a separate hell or heaven. All actions that yield good results are infact, the heaven and the bad results of sinful acts are the hell. Every soul has to pass his vast ocean of the Karmic cycle. It is virtually inescapable. Through PLR, people can see as to how their good deeds have yielded good results and vice-versa.

Here, it is interesting to note that in the Mahabharata, while lying on the bed of arrows, Bhishma said to Krishna, “I have seen my past 72 births but I could not find out the reason for this physical suffering that I am undergoing on the bed of arrows.” At this Krishna tells Bhishma that had he gone one more birth backwards i.e. in the 73rd life, he would have discovered that Bhishma (as a child) had pricked tiny insects/flies with thorns for fun. This pain on the bed of arrows is the result of his bad deed which he committed 73 births earlier. The above instance corroborates the ultimate truths and facts about life & death discovered by Dr. N. K. Sharma in his amazing process of PLR.

It is the objective of RHF to make people believe the Truths of life not by merely reading them in books/scriptures but by actually experiencing them.


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