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Another myth-breaking revolutionary article by Gurudev, Dr. N. K. Sharma that establishes the simple & ultimate Truth of life

Whenever we are in the state of love, meditation, bliss, service, gratitude, surrender & other such pure & positive emotions, we are in the Satyuga and whenever we are in the state of hatred, ego, violence, anger and other such negative emotions, we are in the Kaliyuga. Satyuga or Kaliyuga are not the decisions or creations of God. These are individual choices of each person. Unless Satyuga manifests in your own life, it cannot manifesting the world. Therefore, try to make Satyuga flourish within yourself; it would naturally, flourish in the world.

- Gurudev Dr. N. K. Sharma

The concept of Kaliyuga & Satyuga is peculiar to only India. To think that earlier there was Satyuga with all happiness around and modern yuga is a Kaliyuga where everything is depressing is purely a negative and dismal Indian thought. Such thoughts are prevalent only in India, especially, in the Hindu society. Despite the fact that no country other than India has conducted such extensive research & study in the field of spiritual & ethereal world, the concept of the present yuga being Kaliyuga is very strong in the Hindu society. According to them, Satyuga was an early yuga and after that many more yugas have passed and now we are passing through the Kaliyuga. They also felt that this in future, this Kaliyuga would pass through an extreme phase where there would be chaos all around and finally, the entire Earth would be destroyed by a pralaya. Subsequently, life would be reborn on Earth. Our Indian mentality has effaced our hope of Satyuga thereby making Satyuga only a mythological term and that there is no hope of attaining that state in the near future.

This is an extremely negative and retreating mentality of the Indian Hindu society. This thought has got engraved into the subconscious mind of all of us that the golden era was a thing of the past and it would never come again in future and that, we have no choice but to face the sufferings of this yuga. It is our misfortune that we have taken birth in this Kaliyuga. Our saints have also been repeatedly emphasising on this aspect. They say that since it is Kaliyuga so it is imminent that you have to undergo these sufferings and the only way to get rid of these problems is to take god’s name all the time. Earlier it was Satyuga so only a little name of god was sufficient to please Him. But now it is not so. Now you have to take His name 24 hours; only then, some problem of yours would be appeased.

A little respite in this Kaliyuga is also a great thing because you are surely going to achieve heaven after death. People also think that it is not possible to attain heaven while being alive in this birth and we would only get it after death. Perhaps, that is the reason why people add ‘swargvasi’ before the name of their dead parents, etc. We never put ‘narakwasi’ before their name. Another interesting point is that even the saints & sages today also feel that there is Satyuga nowadays and there is only Kaliyuga everywhere. It is normal for ordinary people if they are unable to feel the Satyuga today but if even a saint is unable to feel Satyuga, what kind of a saint he is? Only an unconscious person would see this era as Kaliyuga. To an awakened person, it is always Satyuga because he always lives in the present and he sees Satyuga everywhere. Unconsciousness is Kaliyuga and awareness is Satyuga. An unconscious person, in Satyuga, experiences the feelings of Kaliyuga and an aware person, even while in Kaliyuga, experiences the bliss of Satyuga.

I personally feel that earlier we were living in Kaliyuga and today, it is Satyuga and we are steadily moving more towards it. We are extremely fortunate that we are living in such a wonderful, golden Satyuga. How? Let us have a glimpse of the history. If you see any of our ancient scriptures and books, you would notice the havoc of Kaliyuga everywhere. Be it the time of Mahabharata, Ramayana or Christ or Muhammad! It was an era of the kings. The decision of the king used to be final. There were no appeals, no pleas. In our history, there have been more of cruel and merciless kings than kind and noble ones.

However, today, it is not so. We live in a democratic country. There are courts for justice. Every effort can be made to get justice. The courts also try their best to give justice to the aggrieved parties. Earlier, it never used to be possible to get out of the jail, once arrested. Today, we can resume our routine work after getting released on bail. The kings were the only source of hope. But today, there are ample doors of hope. We have never been so free, as we are today. Earlier, we could not revolt against the rules made by the king regarding taxes. Today, we are totally free to assert our demands if they are justified. Earlier, the son of the king became the king but now, we can choose the people who rule us. Today, we can make even the rulers stand in the court of law whereas, earlier, it was not possible to even utter a word against the kings. Earlier, the women were uneducated, suppressed and slaves but today, it is not so. The women are equally educated and independent. They are free to develop their personality and do their best to look & feel good. If Sita, Draupadi or Parvati would see us from the sky, they would want to take birth in this era. Other male gods would also want to have come here because they only used to dink nectar but the kings of today enjoy much better drinks!

Earlier, people had to bear extreme punishments for crimes. Today, there is too much stress on reform steps. We are gradually moving towards ending the punishment of gallows and all efforts are being made to reform people through healthy environment and correct steps. This viewpoint is getting stronger each day. During the Mahabharata, ladies could be put on stake but now, a person would be jailed for doing so. In the Ramayana time, Ravana could abduct Sita but today, such an act is seriously punished. Earlier, kings used to have several wives but today, it is not possible to marry again without divorcing the first wife. There were no means of communication and people had to depend on pigeons, soldiers and other such modes. Today, we can instantly talk to anyone in the world on mobile phone. It is such a lovely and comfortable life today.

Earlier, plays, dance, music, poetry, magic and prostitutes were the sources of recreation available only to the rich. Today, even the poor and lower class people are also able to afford such recreation. Earlier, travelling across sea used to take several months but today, we can travel across the world in just a few hours. We can even go the Mars or Moon. Man’s mind was not developed properly but today, even small children are intelligent and are doing wonderful activities. Natural resources could not be utilised fully but now we make full & proper use of these resources for our benefit. If eyes got weak, there was no means to restore the sight but today, spectacles/other devices are available. For the hearing impaired, hearing aids are available. Today, we can make use of the best and the most advanced scientific techniques. Likewise, there are innumerable comparisons that can be made between the present era and the past era. I feel that the past time was so dull, boring and full of sufferings.

Earlier, it used to take several years to find a guru, some people used to spend their entire lives in this pursuit. Today, we quickly find good gurus and in a matter of just a few days or months, we are able to successfully various meditation techniques. Knowledge was very carefully and secretly given earlier but now, it is freely available in its pure form. Earlier, saints & gurus had to roam in vast areas to give knowledge to the masses but now, if the guru genuinely has powers, he can easily & quickly reach the people. Such bliss & comfort was never available earlier. Today, the art, dance & music forms have tremendously evolved. Even the standard of life has also immensely improved. Today, we have better food, better houses, better clothes, better roads, better buildings, better transport, better education, etc than what we had earlier. Earlier the life had more problems and was more stressful than today. Earlier, there used to be much more cases of robbery, rape, theft, cruelty, slavery, superstitions, deaths, killings, etc. We never enjoyed such a good life, as we are leading today. Today’s man is more organised, civilised and safer. He is today more involved in the social welfare activities than earlier times. If you see any period of the history, it is full of blunders and errors. Despite this, we are told that the earlier era was that of Satyuga. The fact is that Satyuga is neither in the past nor in the future, it is always in the present when we are awake, conscious and enjoying the bliss of god by being free from ignorance. The more ignorance & unawareness prevails in the society, the more influential the so-called saints and sages become. The more we are aware & conscious, the less we need these saints & sages. During earlier times, there was a lot of chaos and mismanagement in the society so these saints came into existence. But, today’s society is quite organise and well-managed so we do not require these saints.

The purpose of this article is not to say that there never was any Satyuga in the earlier time but to break the myth that there was only Satyuga during that period and there is only Kaliyuga in the present times. Earlier also, there was Satyuga in the form of natural food, natural lifestyle, in respect of intensive meditations, in the form of Nature, and in the form of limited needs but there was a greater impact of the negative aspects and Kaliyuga. Likewise, it is not so that today there is no Kaliyuga. But, today, there is more of Satyuga. However, Satyuga never completely existed in the past, nor it is there in the present nor it would completely exist in the future because Nature always establishes a balance between the good and the bad. So, darkness-light, thorns-flowers, night-day, Rama-Ravana would always co-exist on the Earth. Neither Satyuga nor Kaliyuga would end completely. Instead, the needle of the balance would keep swaying from the good to the bad. In the end, we must accept that today, we are living in a much better and comfortable era of Satyuga.


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