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Learn the world's most simplest & easiest essense of Hypnosis

A must course for every natural healer, Reiki master, psychotherapist & medical professional

Science of Hypnosis

  • How to hypnotize & reprogram the subconscious mind.
  • How to create anaesthesia in any part of the body for pain relief. How to hypnotize instantly?
  • How to use hypnosis for Phobias, Mental Complexes, Habits, Addictions, Weak Memory, Concentration & Confidence.

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

  • How to take yourself & others into several past lives & future lives.
  • How to heal present issues by healing the past karma. Re-live your past experience and get relieved.

Astral traveling (Out of body experience)

  • Learn the art of leaving your body and visit unknown places, your home, office, factory, country, etc. Meet your ancestors departed souls & spiritual guides.
  • Find out the hidden mysteries of any subject, crime or person's secret life.
  • Learn the art of relaxation for healing & meditation.
  • How to develop hypnotic eye for powerful mind control & suggestions.
  1. Past Life Regression
  2. Future Life Progression
  3. Past Life Therapy
  4. Astral Traveling
  5. Relaxation for Healing
  6. Past Life Live Experiences
  7. Spiritual Reality (Video)


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