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Yes, you can come to superior and complete wisdom better than achieved in forests and Himalayas here amidst world, family, occupation, and nay crude market while living normal life. You do not need to go anywhere to awaken. ---- Dr. Sharma is an example in himself – his is a lively personality living uninvolved, detached, equipoise with supreme bliss and enthusiasm in the buy and sell point of samsara. We are presenting on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima the priceless prasadam of his personal experience – Editor.

You do not need to go anywhere to come to the state of meditation or self realization. You can come to better consciousness, even than Himalayas by living in your very family and society doing your trade and occupation – right in the market place where the world is! In Himalayas you come under false illusion that you have become calm because there is no one there to antagonize you. The peace is then not yours but that of Himalayas. If you feel the same calmness despite all antagonism and opposing circumstances even having returned to this samsara and family then it can be said you have been brought to authentic peace. If you remain calm after bearing shovings in buses, listening abuses from rickshaw puller, after being insulted by your neighbor or the taunts of your family members or seeing some work in which you truly exerted coming to naught, then peace has definitely come to you. This antagonizing atmosphere is not present in Himalayas or forest so it’s natural for you to come under this illusion that you have been brought to peace bliss or meditation. That’s why I do not call the person sitting in distant Himalayas or forest a self realized soul or mahatma.

The true self realized, meditation practitioner or mahatma is he alone who lives life joyously executing his duties, detached and free of reactions, like a skilled actor, fully immersed in this samsara (world) and family carrying on his occupation in the market place of world. He alone is the true renunciate. If the enemy itself was not before you then whom did you Vanquish, how you became the victor ?

(Dr. N. K. Sharma)


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