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Healing Temple

Healing Temple is the largest in-person and distance healing centre having provisions of high end digital aura scanning “latest revolution in energy scanning” a revolutionary technique in Diseases & Vaastu diagnosis therapy and also helps to see the disease or negativity in the subtle body.

Healing Temple is a divine center where your search for health & cure ends.

We don't fail because Nature’s Laws never fail. The Law of Definite Cure - We don't treat the disease (the symptoms, the effect, the shadow) but we cure the true root cause & your ignorance & the disease disappears on its own.

If we can create disease, we can also create health. If an abnormal cause can give you a disease, then the normal & right cause also can give you a perfect health because both are definite results of the Laws of Nature. Obey the Law & enjoy; disobey it & suffer.

The human body is designed to remain 100% fit till its last breath. The body's natural state is that of health, perfection, balance, healing, regeneration & survival. The diseased and degenerative state is our own choice & we can avoid it.

The causes of diseases are in your abnormal life style, wrong nutrition, negative emotions, stress, environmental hazards, toxic addictions, Vastu defects and past life karmas. Without remedying these, no disease can ever be cured completely.

We Heal Everything

  • Physical Problems & Incurable Diseases, Negative Mind, Emotions, Attitudes, Concepts & Complexes.
  • Psychic Attacks, Black Magic & Planetary Fears, Family Disputes & Relationship Problems.
  • Financial Problems & Poverty, Educational & Career Problems, Bad Luck, Failures & Sufferings.
  • Ignorance, Fears, Blind Belief & Superstitions


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