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The Root of Many Illnesses – Flatulence

Flatulence or formation of gas in the stomach is such a condition that can not only keep one involved in various bodily problems but can also be dangerous enough to be life threatening. Most cases of a sudden, silent heart attack can be attributed to the formation of gas in the body. It has been the cause of the untimely death of many a renowned personality, politicians, actors and industrialists. In today's times, both business and service classes are becoming the victim of a lethal flatulence, that too, as early as in their late thirties!

The amazing fact is that none of the modern machines used for diagnosis, MRI/CAT Scanning or Ultrasound, can detect this fatal illness. Only the specialists of Ayurveda or Chinese modalities can actually diagnose the condition of flatulence. No other healing modality the world over can identify or diagnose this condition instantly. The illnesses arising from it gain a different identity and the patient thus gets embroiled in treating a fallacious disease, running hither and thither with no relief in sight. Every doctor gives his own prognosis but no one is able to catch the root cause!

Gurudev Dr. N. K. Sharma has counseled thousands of patients over a span of forty years and has found the formation of gas in the body to be the root cause of most health issues. Let's now explore the causes of flatulence and how we can permanently eradicate it.

Main Causes of Flatulence:
  1. Eating without hunger
  2. Incorrect food combinations
  3. Gas causing foodstuffs
  4. Stress, worry, depression, fear
  5. Strong Allopathic and Ayurveda Medicines
  6. Lack of sleep and exercise
  7. Constipation
  8. Hereditary

Without understanding and eradicating these causes, it would be impossible to free oneself from the bane of gas formation in the stomach. As long as the cause exists, its effect will definitely be felt. All these reasons are the source of such illnesses like body ache, headache, backache, stomach ache, sudden painfulness in cancer patients, restless sleep full of nightmares, diarrhea, arthritis, heart attacks, burning and pain in the chest, vertigo, high blood pressure, restlessness, lack of concentration, unnatural hunger, insomnia, crankiness, bloatedness, not feeling hungry, continuous burps and passing of flatus, hernia and so on, to name a few. If the abovementioned causes are removed, all these health issues may disappear permanently. No allopathic doctor the world over is aware of these irritants nor gives credence to them, healing them is thus out of the question! He can only give medicines to momentarily alleviate the symptoms, which actually entrench the illnesses in the body more deeply.

Eating without a genuine hunger : Hunger is a characteristic call of the body informing the mind that it is now ready to consume and digest food. However, if the feeling that 'I am not hungry' predominates, it means the body is not yet ready to initiate the process of digestion, it is involved in some other task and one should wait before eating. But we are in the habit of ignoring the signals from the body and eating according to disciplinary or intellectual hunger compulsions. It's now my breakfast or lunchtime, or that I didn't eat in the morning so should do so now, I won't get time to eat later, let me finish the task of eating, everyone is eating so I too should do so, it's very delicious so I should eat, my wife or some others are pressurizing me so I should eat, I can't bypass a free meal so I should eat and such other arguments constrain us to eat our food without feeling hungry. But our body doesn't understand our constraints and arguments, its stand is that if I demand and you give me food, I will digest it hundred percent, but if you feed me without my asking for it, I will only decompose and putrefy it! So unless you cultivate the habit of feeding your body only when it demands, it will only cause the food to degenerate, as there is paucity in the production of the digestive juices. This state of affairs only encourages the conditions of gas, acidity and indigestion, slowly creating an atmosphere of toxicity in the body over time, ultimately leading to major, fatal diseases. The day you learn to understand genuine hunger and go with it, you would be able to digest all kinds of foods, whether rich and heavy or badly cooked, and never have to face acidity or indigestion disorders ever!

Genuine hunger vs deceptive hunger
Natural hunger vs. unnatural hunger:

In natural hunger, when we experience the feeling of hunger, it continues to be felt even if not satiated immediately, and doesn't just vanish after a time. An unnatural or deceptive hunger is time bound and enforced habitually.

# In a feeling of genuine hunger, your energy and agility is maintained constantly, there's no weakness felt in the body. But in a state of deceptive hunger, if it is not satiated quickly, one feels weak and anxious, even feels like throwing up and has a feeling of gas rising inside along with a headache. Hunger is not a symptomatic disease and if symptoms are appearing, it is a sure indication of not only a deceptive hunger but also a faulty digestive system.

When one is genuinely hungry, taste doesn't matter, and one can even relish a salt less meal. In an unnatural hunger scenario, there's always a demand for special dishes, garnished with particular spices, pandering to taste. Hunger needs no palate ticklers!

# There is an awareness of satiation when we eat with a genuine hunger which is unrecognizable if hunger is of the deceptive kind. In fact, a deceptive hunger invariably causes overeating.

# Unnatural hunger is more of a gastric hunger and is prevalent in those people who eat without feeling hungry, eat at odd times, eat rich, heavy, spicy, fried and stimulative foods. It is also evident in those who are in a constant state of stress, worry, depression and consume a lot of medicines. A deceptive hunger gets activated in such people for when the stomach gets empty, the gastric glands start to secrete acid, causing acidity, along with the formation of gas. If one doesn't have something to eat immediately, a number of disturbing symptoms start surfacing, but they, however, subside if some food is taken. This is a common tendency in those people who consume foods of a highly acidic nature, grains, meat, eggs, proteins, pulses, soya beans and so on and their intake of fruits and salads is next to nothing. A high acidic content in the body tends to produce such symptoms. In a state of natural hunger fruits, salads, vegetables even grains can taste good, even without the addition of salt, sugar or spices, while an unnatural hunger has no attraction for fruits, salads or sprouts, showing a predilection only for stimulative, spicy and delicious foods.

A genuine hunger is felt only after the whole digestive process gets completed but a deceptive hunger prods us to eat every three to four hours. Such a person perforce eats after every little while but the one with a genuine hunger has barely two meals a day.

People with a sedentary lifestyle experience a deceptive hunger due to a lack of exercise while those who work hard feel natural hunger pangs at the right time.

#For a genuine hunger - reduce your intake of rich, heavy, spicy, stimulative foods, avoid having tea, coffee or alcohol along with your meals, start a routine of daily exercise, train your mind to be calm, increase your consumption of fruits, salads and fresh juices and take your full quota of sleep.

Incorrect Combinations - The whole of civilization is afflicted with innumerable kinds of illnesses due to the incorrect combination of foods. Mankind keeps struggling with the various overpowering symptoms throughout his life and even exits it without getting to know the basic causes of gas, acidity and indigestion. God has designed our digestive system in the best possible way for the purpose of digestion. Complete, precise digestion is its whole sole purpose, there is no question of any decomposition happening or gas being created in the body. The catch is that the body can digest only one kind of food at a time, not a combination! A combination of different foods leads to malnutrition while simple meals promote nutrition. One should have only either starch or protein based foodstuff, for together they tend to degenerate in the stomach. However, one can consume salads and green vegetables with both kinds of foods.

If one is having such starch enriched foods like grains, pulses, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca and so on, one should not take milk, cottage cheese, curds, meats, eggs, fish or nuts along with them. Salads and green vegetables can be combined with a solid foodstuff like either grains or pulses, meats, dry fruits or milk, but these should never be combined, else it would lead to a condition of flatulence. Vegetarians should only combine fats or clarified butter with grains and pulses and should never combine milk, fruits, sugar, honey, juice, or sour substances like lemons, tamarind, mango powder, sauces, sour fruits, there will then be no formation of gas in the body. Along with grains and pulses, only salads, vegetables and sprouts should be consumed.

If your meal comprises of cottage cheese, curd, coagulated cheese or milk, one should avoid having chick peas, kidney beans, black peas or soyabeans. Fruits and juices should be taken on their own, preferably on an empty stomach. They shouldn't even be combined with salads and vegetables.

Never consume sour and sweet fruits together. All kinds of liquid or semiliquid foods like water melons, milk, sugar, jaggery, honey, even water should be taken alone and not in combination with anything. The practice of having tea, coffee, alcohol or beer along with meals, should be completely avoided, for the digestive juices in the body get degenerated. Sugar in combination with either starch or protein creates a state of acidity in the body. If one follows the rules for the correct combination of foodstuffs, one can be rid of all issues related to the stomach - gas, acidity, ulcers, gastroenteritis, hiatus hernia, cancer of stomach and intestines, colitis, piles, typhoid, diarrhea, T B, pancreatitis and so on!

Gas causing foodstuff : A number of foodstuffs will definitely encourage the formation of gas in the body and should be avoided. These are milk, soybean, fried foods, gram powder, roasted peanuts and cashews, chick peas, kidney beans, black grams, all kinds of protein powders, foods with high protein content, sour lentils and so on.

Stress, worry & depression: When our mind is under the influence of stress, worry, fear or depression, our digestive juices tend to get depleted, yet we still have our meals on time either under pressure or out of fear. The lack of adequate juices then become a cause of indigestion and gas. Having meals when our mind is unrestful should therefore be avoided as it can be harmful for the body. In such a scenario easily digestible, light meals should be taken comprising of juicy fruits, salads, green vegetables, soups, juice, coconut water, buttermilk and so on. If a craving for grain is felt, one may take oats or rice gruel, combined with vegetables. Especially in the condition of depression, meals should only be taken when a genuine hunger is felt; else only light foods should be consumed. If the person is not physically active or doesn't exercise at all, he should totally avoid rich and heavy foodstuffs, as chances of flatulence are higher.

Acidic medicines: Most allopathic medicines are extremely acidic in nature and that is why it becomes essential to take antacids along with them. Many Ayurvedic medicines have an inflammatory connotation due to which they have to be taken with either milk or clarified butter. If anyone is taking such medicines, they will invariably have to combat with flatulence as well, and will be relieved from it only after gaining freedom from medicines, otherwise not at all.

Lack of sleep and exercise: When there is a sleep deficit, our life force doesn't get fully charged. As a result all our bodily functions of digestion, elimination, absorption slow down. In this scenario, if we consume our meals out of habit or fear, the weakened life force is unable to sustain digestion, increasing the chances of flatulence in the body.

The same is the case with a lack of exercise. When we do a lot of brain work, lead a sedentary lifestyle and hardly exercise, our metabolism slows down, the digestive organs become sluggish, absorption and elimination are slower than what they should be. Such people should consume only light, easily digestible substances like fruits, juices, salads, vegetables, sprouts, oats, gruel, rice, edible roots, curds and so on as a matter of routine and should avoid grains as much as possible. Heavy cereals, fried foods, clarified butter, high protein foods, nonvegetarian foods, grains should be taken very rarely, maybe just to pander the palate! Best would of course be if we work out daily in any way, like by running, playing, dancing, doing yoga, practicing pranayam, swimming or walking, thus strengthening our digestive organs and improving our digestion!

Constipation : If one is in a state of stress, worry, fear or depression, exercises less, eats less of fiber-rich foods and more of white flour products like maggi, bread, biscuits, bakery items, sweets, fried foods, eats without hunger, avoids salads and green vegetables, he is bound to be prone to constipation due to a weakened life force. The process of elimination doesn't happen completely as the waste matter tends to decompose in the intestines, creating a conducive environment for the formation of gas. As soon as the condition of constipation is rectified, flatulence also disappears. If one wants to free oneself of constipation, one must cultivate the habit of eating only when genuinely hungry, should exercise daily, and include more of fruits, salads and sprouts in one's meals. The process of elimination would then take only ten seconds and one would never be constipated!

Hereditary or genetic: Some people are born with a hereditary, weak digestive system and can never partake of heavy, difficult to digest foods like other people. The only alternative for such people is to exercise regularly and so develop a stronger digestive system. We have the capacity to increase the power of our cells as much as we like. Many lean people, who follow a routine of regular exercise, can enjoy larger meals than normal people. If you do not wish to exercise, you should then consume more of light, easily digestible foods.

Insulin or hormonal steroids: Those people, who have to use cortisones or steroids to counterattack serious illnesses or have to take insulin for their diabetic condition, tend to experience a deceptive gastric hunger, due to which they may overeat or snack in between meals, thus creating a condition of flatulence in the body. It is only if their illness is eradicated completely, freeing them from medicines, that they are able to eliminate flatulence as well from their system.

As a matter of routine, some formation of gas does happen in the body. Otherwise we are not even normally aware that we possess such an organ named stomach, so silently does it carry on its functioning! If you are able to understand and eliminate the various causes of the formation of gas in the body, you would ever be free of this fatal, silent killer. It is even the cause of the extreme pain felt by cancer patients. 80% of the heart attacks that happen are due to flatulence and most of the cases of headache and backache.

Has your ignorance been eradicated now? Would you still like to struggle with such gas related illnesses? Spread the light of knowledge far and wide andsave many more still struggling, ignorant souls !

- - Gurudev Dr. N. K. Sharma


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