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Amazing Power of Quartz (Crystals)

Crystals are Quartz (rock forming mineral) consisting of Silicon Dioxide that grows naturally in the core of the earth at an approximate temp of 5000F. When cooled down, it gets converted into crystals by a natural geological process.

Crystals are the only naturally growing minerals in core of the earth, which can grow from 6m to 8m. Though Crystals are rock forms, they are believed to be the only ‘living’ minerals having life force that take millions of years to grow.

Crystals are independent sources of universal cosmic energy. They are miraculous energy tools which effectively boost physical, mental, emotional and psychological energy levels. Crystals are found in around 50 different natural colours. Each colour has its own natural quality to act and to function differently. Some of such crystals are Rose, Quartz, Aqua Marine, Amethyst, Coral etc.

Sages, saints, tantriks, black magicians, tribal people had very early recognised the power of crystals and had put them to use secretly. They all have used crystals in various ways for enhancing their psychic abilities, in rituals and to augment their psychic powers. Crystal Ball Gazing is one such way of using crystals. Crystal Ball Gazing is an ancient art of gazing into a crystal ball – with a view to leap into the unknown and seeing the past, the present and the future. Saints and sages of the yore have also used crystals for heightened intuitive awareness, developing extra-sensory perceptions and clairvoyance.

Though each crystal has its own distinct property, crystals are better chosen instinctively. Before using them, crystals must be cleansed or washed by soaking them in salt or camphor water overnight. Salt & camphor are used for cleansing purpose as they have a special quality to rapidly disintegrate all kinds of negative energies. After having soaked overnight in salt/camphor water, crystals are washed in the morning in fresh running water for a few minutes. Then, these cleansed crystals are programmed to enhance their natural energy by way of invocation, prayer, mantra chanting and energy transmission through Reiki symbols and strong intentions. For empowering the crystals, natural sources of energy like the sun and the moon can also be used by placing these crystals in sunlight or moonlight for sometime.

Energy without intentions fails to take the desired direction, however powerful may a crystal be. Therefore, a crystal must be programmed with strong intentions and its energy must be directed in the requisite direction so as to yield effective and desired results. To accomplish this, it is recommended to keep the crystal over the Third eye (on the forehead between the eyebrows) and repeat your intention or positive affirmations (in the present tense) 21 times with accurately visualizing that the desired result has already been achieved.

One should never use the future tense to make affirmations. It is very important that the affirmations are made only in the present tense. For example, if you desire to achieve confidence in life, never say "I will be confident". Instead, always say, "Now, I am confident". The visualization in this case should be as if you have already become confident and achieved success in life. After completing the affirmation, keep the programmed crystal within the range of your Aura, by wearing it or putting it in the pocket, at home, at your bedsides, at your working or business place. The programmed crystal will round the clock vibrate and transmit the required energy that we need or want thereby implying that the crystal is creating that specific energy which you are lacking in life. The moment a crystal is programmed and tuned with your Aura, your subconscious mind immediately begins to receive those vibrations and starts manifesting that particular energy at a subtle level.

Crystals are magnificent 24-hour healers due to the fact that they emit energy non-stop. They work as wonderful shock absorbers by repelling all kinds of negative energies. It is a natural miracle that they sometimes, break spontaneously, if they are used to counter very high negative forces. This proves the fact that they are our best protectors against all types of natural or metaphysical forces.

Crystals are extensively used in various kinds of energy healing techniques like Reiki, Pranik healing, Psychic Healing and Reiki Crystal Grid. Reiki crystal grid is a powerful technique of assembling crystals in a particular manner to generate high levels of energy needed for a particular purpose. This extremely potent technique of creating high energy by programming and arranging the crystals to fulfill as many affirmations & goals as possible at a time is being widely used by Reiki practitioners worldwide.

Crystals are also used to counter psychic attacks. They destroy negative energy and create positive energy in the environment. Keeping crystals near our body amplifies and expands our Aura 3-4 times, thus preventing us from negative and destructive forces. Besides being used as awesome protectors, crystals are also used to remove and rectify Vastu defects. Since crystals are the best sources of positive energy vibrations, all kinds of Vastu defects can be easily rectified by merely placing the crystals appropriately without having to alter or demolish the original structures.

Crystals are also extensively and effectively used for business growth, personal growth and spiritual upliftment. Since crystal healing is a growing and an independent energy healing method practiced all over the world and in India, it is advised that people should take due care while purchasing crystals and they should get duped with ordinary/artificial cut glasses available and sold as crystals in the market. These glass pieces do not work because they cannot be programmed like crystals. Therefore, it is always good to seek seeks expert opinion & buy them only from authentic sources.


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