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Amazing Experiences of Psychic Surgery


One of my family friend, Col. Yogesh Parashar (Chennai) was suffering from Heart problem. His all major arteries were blocked. He was advised Angiography followed by Bypass surgery. The entire process would have been very painful. I decided to help him through Reiki. With all good intentions and the blessings of Guruji-Guruma, I performed Psychic surgery. I cleaned the arteries and repaired the heart as taught in the class by Guruji. I ended the process with positive affirmations and prayed for his speedy recovery. To my utter surprise, when I talked to his wife after a couple of days, she told me that subsequent tests done by doctors revealed that the arteries were supplying blood to the heart normally and his heart was functioning properly. The doctors also did not perform Bypass surgery on him. It is a miracle and I do not have words to express my gratitude for this amazing power of healing.

Jyoti Mishra, Delhi


My right knee accidentally got injured. I consulted a doctor. The x-ray showed that there was deficiency of calcium and the knee bone was worn. I was advised not to bend the knee while sitting I started taking the prescribed medicines and painkillers to get rid of the pain but the problem kept deteriorating with time. Though it is a result of ageing process, I still had hopes of recovery. I learnt Reiki and in the class, as directed by Guruji, I performed psychic surgery on my own knee. The entire experience was awesome. I got relief immediately. Amazingly, the pain never returned and I am perfectly fine since then. Psychic surgery is an unbelievable technique, which everybody should learn.

Savitri, Delhi


A corn had developed in my left sole. It kept growing and the pain also kept on increasing. It gradually became so painful that I could not walk. I took a lot of treatment but nothing helped. After 6 months of pain, the doctors suggested operation but I was afraid to get it done as there was no guarantee of it getting cured even after operation. So I decided to heal myself. I performed psychic surgery on the corn. The pain instantly reduced. After two more sessions of psychic surgery, the corn disappeared entirely. There is no pain now. I am highly indebted to Guruma for showering her blessings on me & for guiding me.

Jagriti, Delhi


Severe wound healed in 3 days

My son who is working in Merchant Navy was once on the ship when he called and told me that he had got hurt by a nail which pierced through the web between his thumb and the index finger. The wound was bleeding profusely. I instantly gave distance Reiki healing to him and just in one session, he told that the wound was 95% ok. I gave him healing for another 4 days, after which he said that the wound had completely healed.

S. K. Mittal, Gurgaon

Totally Bed-Ridden Boy Began To Walk In A Week!!

A boy( 25 yrs.) had Tuberculosis (TB) in the spine due to which his spinal vertebrae had totally collapsed & his spinal column was completely rotten. All famous Orthopaedic doctors had declared it a lost case. Doctors had bandaged his torso & advised him to avoid any kind of body movement. Since one year, he could only lie on bed or stand but could not sit at all. He even used to take his meals in standing position. He always used spinal belt for support & moved only with a walker. Though he was taking treatment for TB, there was no relief & he had lost all hope. On my request, Dr. N. K. Sharma visited him & assured him that there is nothing impossible for Reiki & promised the boy that he would be able to walk within a week's time. Dr. Sharma also gave him a strict nutrition program which he accepted & followed with 100% faith. Meanwhile, I started his healing & psychic surgery. Just after 2 days, he started walking without the walker & said, “Now, walker is causing problem in walking!” I continued his healing for ten days. Reiki did its job! In a week, the boy started going out for walk without any help. He is now completely cured. I have no words to express my regards for Reiki & Guruji-Guruma who have given me this power to perform such a wonderful & noble work.

Rajni Babbar, Reiki GM, Delhi

6 mm Kidney Stone Removed by Psychic Surgery

My daughter learnt Reiki some time back. One of her neighbours, who is an old lady, had a severe knee pain one day. My daughter charged a glass of water with Reiki and gave it to her to drink. After a few minutes, the pain was totally gone. Next morning, that old lady had an acute pain in her lower abdomen. She was unable to pass urine. Medical check-up revealed that there was a 6 mm stone in her kidney. My daughter & that lady had more faith in Reiki as compared to the regular medical treatment. So, they asked me to help. I performed psychic surgery once. After 15-20 min, she was able to pass urine. Further tests showed that the stone had come out of kidney but was still there in ureter. I performed one more psychic surgery. By evening, the lady reported that the stone finally passed out with the urine, Her pain also vanished. She was now perfectly fine. I have no words to express my gratitude for Reiki, RHF and Guruji-Guruma.

Jaswant Singh, Delhi

Reiki 'heals' Discharged Inverter Batteries

My inverter was giving a lot of trouble for quite sometime. When I got it checked by the mechanic, he told me to get the batteries replaced. At that time, it was not comfortable to get the batteries replaced. But it was also important to have the inverter working. Though batteries are inanimate objects, my faith in psychic surgery and its powers was so intense that I decided to perform psychic surgery on the batteries. As expected, only after one surgery, the batteries started working again. It has been one month since then and the batteries and the inverter are working perfectly!!

Meena Aggarwalla, Delhi


My cousin brother was suffering from disease of thyroid gland. His operation was performed at AIIMS. The operation initially looked successful. Brother was kept under observation in the ICU. Suddenly, his condition deteriorated and he started bleeding profusely on the local area. All my family members were very upset. I decided to perform psychic surgery through Distance Healing. Through my inner vision, I discovered that the wound was not stitched properly. I performed the psychic surgery and stitched the wound properly.
I continued healing the patient continuously for one hour. Thereafter, when we enquired from the hospital, the doctors told that a miracle had happened and that the patient was now fully cured. I express my heartfelt gratitude to RHF.

Kuldeep Singh, Delhi

साइकिक सर्जरी की विस्मयकारी शकित

मैंने जिस दिन रेकी तीसरी डिग्री सीखी, उसी दिन मैंने जीवन में पहली साइकिक सर्जरी की ताकत को महसूस किया। क्लास के दौरान जब गुरूजी ने सर्जरी की विधि समझार्इ और किसी व्यकित पर सर्जरी करने को कहा तो मैंने अपनी सास पर इसे करने का निश्चय किया। उनके घुटने में बहुत दर्द रहता था। साइकिक सर्जरी की प्रक्रिया पूरी होने पर उनसे पता चला कि वषो± पुराने घुटनों के दर्द में उन्हें बेहद आराम मिला। अब वह सीढि़या भी चढ़ पाती हैं और टायलेट में इंडियन सीट पर बैठना-उठना भी आराम से कर लेती हैं। साइकिक सर्जरी एक विस्मयकारी शकित है तथा यह सभी को सीखनी चाहिए।

निशा चानना

सिर की सूजन और गुर्दे ठीक हुए

मेरे मामा का बेटा अलीगढ़ के अस्पताल में भर्ती था। उसके सिर में सूजन थी और उसके गुर्दे भी ठीक से काम नहीं कर रहे थे तथा 24 घंटे से उसने मूत्रा विसर्जन भी नहीं किया था। डाक्टर लगातार कोशिश कर रहे थे तथा उसकी सिथति से चिंतित थे। इस सिथति में मैंने उस बच्चे के सिर तथा गुदो± की साइकिक सर्जरी की, जिसके तुरंत बाद उसकी सिथति में 50 प्रतिशत सुधर हो गया। अगले दिन तक 80 प्रतिशत सुधर के बाद बच्चे ने मूत्रा विसर्जन भी किया। एक और बार सर्जरी करने पर वह बच्चा अगले दिन तक स्वस्थ हो गया और उसे अस्पताल से छुटटी भी मिल गर्इ। यह रेकी और साइकिक सर्जरी का अविश्वसनीय चमत्कार है।

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