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Reiki is a very easy divine natural healing system without any medications and side effects. It involves passing the flow of powerful positive energies through touch of hands on the problem area of the body. It has awed the lay person as well as highly qualified doctors. It has become so popular that many people have opted to learn this simple technique of cure for their benefit. Any body can learn it in a very short period of 4-5 days and heal his/her own self and others.

Reiki is the Japanese art of healing which has its origin in the ancient Indian knowledge. It has become popular in the West as well as in the East. After making an in-depth study of the subject, Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan invoked his own energy centres through strenuous meditation and fasting regimes thus developing it as an art. He has made an intensive research on the writings of the disciples of Gautam Budha. Reiki has been found very useful in many pregnancy related problems as it does not involve medications, and is easy to learn. It helps to solve one's own problems. Reiki can cure many illnesses before, during and after pregnancy.

An unborn child within the womb of its mother can be cured, delivery can be made painless, and a new-born can be benefited by bestowing the mother with sufficient quantities of breast milk by Reiki. A child can be protected against childhood diseases without the use of invasive injections and unnecessary medications. Day-to-day illnesses can be cured in a matter of minutes and the health of the child can be improved. Nor only the baby but also the mother can be protected against ailments during pregnancy. All this is possible through Reiki.

Lack of knowledge leads to birth of children who do not possess qualities that the parents would like them to have. Reiki can help husband and wife to have a child with preplanned qualities. They can, with the image of the desired child in their minds and a few months prior to conception call upon a soul through Special Reiki Telepathy and beseech it to come to them in the form of a baby in the mother's womb. This is neither a mere fantasy nor a miracle, but a consequence of spiritual knowledge. We can empower our micro-emotional waves and through sheer will power energy create and transmit these positive energy waves into the vast universe and outer space to contact that particular soul and attract it towards us like a magnet.

The consequence of every though and emotion is impressed in the form of waves upon every sinew and minutest particles of the body. The mother can create powerful positive energy waves through special meditation sessions, thoughts and ingenuity to influence the subconscious mind of the unborn child and help him to acquire good qualities and capabilities. Hindu Shastras have specifically advised that the mother should have beautiful, pure and holy thoughts during pregnancy. She should spend some time in the company of intellectuals, scientists, truthful and spiritual persons. She should set her eyes upon nice and lovely pictures.

Some Russian doctors have successfully taught language to unborn children and have proved that it is possible to teach anything to the subconscious mind of the unborn child.

Pregnancy is not a disease. If there are any troubling symptoms, the pregnant lady tries to overcome these through medications; changing food habits and avoiding food altogether, result in malnutrition. Consequently the life force weakens; the body becomes lethargic and sickly due to cessation of flow and accumulation of negative body fluids. If a Reiki educated woman practices Reiki upon her or gets it done through others, the troubles are eased, the life force becomes resilient and strong. It makes every part of her body to function properly. She feels well and energetic after Reiki sessions. In the process, the unborn child also receives Reiki energy and his health, development and growth improve. Proper food and exercise during pregnancy make the muscles of the uterus strong. The process of a normal delivery is a quality pre-possessed by most women. During delivery, the consumption of energy in the body increases many fold resulting in an excessive need for extra energy, which can be provided through Reiki.

Many pregnant women have successfully received positive energies at the time of deliver through Reiki, helping them to acquire a feeling of blissful peace instead of pain. The experiments of Reiki on the mental faculties of the subconscious mind can be pre-planned and the programming can be given directly or indirectly and the life-force bearing energy waves can even be sent to a woman for her safe delivery, by a person living far away.

As a lot of strength is used during delivery, a woman has to rest for many days following delivery to overcome the fatigue. But if Reiki is given to her, she will recover within 3 to 7 days. Fortified by Reiki energy, she will feel fit enough to perform her daily duties properly. The new born can also be cured safely using Reiki techniques.

(Dr. N. K. Sharma)


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